Social Media Marketing Hints and Tips


Trends can be changed to suit what you’re looking for. They show what’s going on right now – include keywords and hashtags (#) copy and paste links into the box on the site to get shorted web links for use in Twitter to save on characters. – measures how far tweets have traveled. (You can also use this on competitors too to see who you can connect with).

You can send out tweets more than once to increase the chance of it being seen. Time of sending out is industry specific. B2B – Friday afternoons and Tuesday about 11am are good times.

Lists – you can set up public and private lists to filter people you’re following. Private list for clients so you can monitor their tweets is useful.



Use keywords in your summary

Make sure you have a profile photo

Under “advanced” you can search for people under specific industries/titles/distances based on your connections. Concentrate on 2nd connections – ask to be introduced/connected by 1st connection.

Groups – you can create your own group as well as participate in other groups.

You can link your status on Linked In to your Twitter feed.

Websites under contact info can be renamed to something useful rather than just “company website”.



Should have your own business page if Facebook is for your business.

If you like a business it shows up on the feed on your page.

As a business when you post something, not all your followers will see the post due to Facebook’s algorithms.

Facebook competitions and promotions need to be run through a 3rd party app due to their promotional guidelines. For example

Facebook Insights allow you to view your analytics.



Absolute must if selling clothing B2C – visitors are much more likely to buy through the website if they’ve clicked through from Pinterest.

Can embed pictures from Pinterest on your own website through “Pin this” or embed option.

Follow people on Pinterest.

If products being sold are on it should ideally have prices on it too.

Include hashtags like on Twitter.

Made of boards and pins. When you pin something it shows in your followers feed. You can like pins (like in Facebook) or repin (like share in Facebook) them to your boards.

Can Tweet or add to Facebook at the same time as pinning (link accounts to Pinterest).

Follow me on Pinterest buttons on your promo material.

Always attribute content – although you don’t have to ask permission as long as you do this. – great for managing multiple users on multiple platforms and for scheduling.