New brand for much loved village garden centre

Cannonhall-logoCannon Hall Garden Centre, located opposite beautiful Cannon Hall Park is situated in the picturesque and historic village of Cawthorne in South Yorkshire.

We were delighted when we  were asked to create a new brand identity for the garden centre and bistro for the new tenants, who worked incredibly hard to update this much loved Cawthorne landmark.

As part of the project we created new identities and business materials, a library of photos for them to use, a new menu and some signage work.











Photos of the new Tier BIM office

Andy Adams of Tier BIM asked us to take some photos of the Sheffield office for use on his website and imminent marketing materials, we were happy to oblige, as was the blue sky and fluffy white clouds that morning. Perfect weather for nice building shots.

Tier Sheffield

Top 5 tips to make sure your business profile photo is professional

You don’t have long to make the right impression online!

Whether they’re a client, supplier or just someone we’ve connected with online, you will want to give the same impression online as you would in “the offline world.” You wouldn’t turn up to a business meeting with a glass of wine already in hand, so using that photo from Uncle Bob’s wedding probably isn’t going to give off the right impression.

Profile photos are different to press photos, keep them simple. That’s not to say you can’t get creative with them – as long as it reflects you and your business of course.


1. Your profile photo should be up to date.

If your hair colour has changed, or you’ve lost it all – make sure your photo represents who you are now. Even if you were slimmer back in 1980.

2. It should be in focus

Sounds simple, and it should be – but it’s so important to be in focus. Anything fuzzy just won’t do. Oh, and avoid the latest filters and Instagram-style shots, unless that’s the style your business is going for.

3. Watch out for caught-in-the-headlights flash

To avoid this, use natural light where you can, or if you’ve a fancy flash gun bounce it off something white (like a ceiling or wall)

4. Plain backgrounds are best

Profile photos are so small on most sites that there’s no point trying to get everyone in the company behind you, or showing the latest piece of kit you manufacture – we’re just not going to see it. Keeping space between you and your background will help get rid of any nasty shadows and look more professional as a result.

5. Look approachable

Turning your body slightly away from the camera then looking towards it helps you look more approachable (and slimmer!) Try not to look too serious – you should look confident and approachable.



Video and photoshoot for Schuberts

Schuberts Finishing Systems

I’ve just got back from photographing Schubert Finishing Systems latest installation which is now complete. As part of the installation is an Emme Elle polishing machine which they also asked me to document while I was there so that they can keep their customers informed on their latest offerings and the benefits it can bring to their businesses.


Schuberts Finishing Systems

Schuberts Finishing Systems

Single Use Surgical’s new home


We’ve been working with Matthew Tulley from Single Use Surgical now for more years than we care to remember, but we were both on the same business start-up scheme back in 2002 and have worked together since, usually in a design capacity but tonight we were photographing him for PR with Enterprising Barnsley at his launch event in the new premises for friends, family and people who have been involved in the company.

Our friend and client Chris Rowlands, who was also there and who had organised the sale of the building with Matthew requested a shot of the two of them with the building for his own news page while we were there.

A great evening was had by all and we wish Matthew a continued success with his business.