wordpress…and counting! WordPress is an amazing online revolution that brought traditionally expensive and time consuming content management systems to millions of website around the world – allowing anyone access to update them without the need of a developer.

But as always, there’s someone out there looking to crash the party and cause problems. Over the past few weeks there had been some high-profile security issues with a certain common plug in used on a high proportion of wordpress sites.

Sites which weren’t kept updated were at risk – some were brought down. I worked hard at my end with my developer to make sure this didn’t happen to our sites that we manage, but it again shows why it’s so important to keep your website updated if it runs on WordPress.

There are 3 elements which need updating – at least every quarter;

1. Your Themes    2. Your Plug-ins    3. WordPress itself

While there’s no 100% guarantee you will never encounter problems even if you update, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Google gets mobile

indexOver the past few weeks there’s been a lot of talk and panic over Google’s latest update. Here’s the lowdown on what it means.

Basically, when conducting searches on a mobile phone, Google is going to return results which show websites that work better on mobile phones nearer the top than those that are designed purely for desktop (when conducting searches on a desktop, it doesn’t affect the results, apparently!)

It’s all about making the experience better for users – i.e the customer. It’s not cost-effective to have numerous websites built for different sized screens, so usually the best option is what is called a “responsive website,” which resizes and repositions elements on a page to make it more user friendly depending on the device you’re looking at it on.

Not sure what I’m on about? Try looking at my website on your phone, then look at it on your desktop. Can you see how it changes? If you’d like to learn more just drop me a line, I’ll be happy to talk things through with you.

Top 5 tips to make sure your business profile photo is professional

You don’t have long to make the right impression online!

Whether they’re a client, supplier or just someone we’ve connected with online, you will want to give the same impression online as you would in “the offline world.” You wouldn’t turn up to a business meeting with a glass of wine already in hand, so using that photo from Uncle Bob’s wedding probably isn’t going to give off the right impression.

Profile photos are different to press photos, keep them simple. That’s not to say you can’t get creative with them – as long as it reflects you and your business of course.


1. Your profile photo should be up to date.

If your hair colour has changed, or you’ve lost it all – make sure your photo represents who you are now. Even if you were slimmer back in 1980.

2. It should be in focus

Sounds simple, and it should be – but it’s so important to be in focus. Anything fuzzy just won’t do. Oh, and avoid the latest filters and Instagram-style shots, unless that’s the style your business is going for.

3. Watch out for caught-in-the-headlights flash

To avoid this, use natural light where you can, or if you’ve a fancy flash gun bounce it off something white (like a ceiling or wall)

4. Plain backgrounds are best

Profile photos are so small on most sites that there’s no point trying to get everyone in the company behind you, or showing the latest piece of kit you manufacture – we’re just not going to see it. Keeping space between you and your background will help get rid of any nasty shadows and look more professional as a result.

5. Look approachable

Turning your body slightly away from the camera then looking towards it helps you look more approachable (and slimmer!) Try not to look too serious – you should look confident and approachable.